Exclusive: Dread Visits the Set of Lovesick Captivity

This writer recently hit the set of filmmaker Creep Creepersin’s latest flick, Lovesick Captivity, in Burbank, California, and while there chatted with the director concerning the feature as well as the slew of upcoming projects he’s currently prepping.

Our visit came on the third and final day of principal photography for Lovesick Captivity (Creepersin works historically fast); yet, we found the filmmaker rather relaxed, regardless of the time constraint. The psychological thriller, which chronicles the rising domestic strife between a man and his blushing bride (the latter is stalked by a serial killer and subsequently has been forced into self-imposed house arrest), stars longtime Creepersin collaborator Charlie Vaughn, Dylan Vox (Brides of Sodom), Jeff Dylan Graham (Don’t Look in the Basement), Robbyn Leigh (Devil’s Den), Katie Costick (City Rats) and supermodel Heather Hewitt. Andrew Ceperley serves as director of photography, and Nikki Wall and Creepersin produce along with Tom Ingram. Jacky Belle and Brittney Hall provide the FX.

Of his inspiration for the feature, which we first reported on here, Creepersin told us, “I can’t say much without giving away the fun part of the flick, but Charlie Vaughn was (my inspiration) in the sense that he is a great actor and he has worked with me a lot of times in smaller, weirder roles, and I wanted to write something that would showcase his abilities.

We questioned the filmmaker on his thoughts as to how Lovesick Captivity (his 15th film) will fit into the canon of his work - a canon thus far which largely bears the hallmarks of grindhouse filmmaking, both in execution and in name marketing (Creepersin’s previous films include Brides of Sodom and Vaginal Holocaust, to name two), and he commented, “It’s the same kind of film that I really love to make. It has the feel of (my previous films) Decomposing Jack and He, although it also has the polished look of Brothers Cannibal and Lake Death. It’s been great to be able to do a weird film that has the same production values of the stuff I’ve been doing lately. It used to be that my ‘weird’ ideas were so out there that no one would help me get them made, so I would end up doing them super low, low budget. It’s nice now to be at a place where I’m being trusted with my ‘over-the-top’ ideas by cast, crew and investors.

As for whether Creepersin has been ‘making his days’ given the intensely short shooting schedule, “It’s been great,” said the filmmaker. “Charlie is one of my favorite actors to work with, and Katie has been a blessing. She signed on a week before the shoot, and we were lucky to get her. Dylan and John have delivered as well, and Robbyn really turned a small featured role into a scene-stealing lead. What has also been great is to work with Heather Hewitt. Being a fan-boy of super obscure shit, it’s been super fun to work with the actress that was in I Eat Your Skin.

With post-production expected to last a month or so and a couple of companies already interested in picking up Lovesick Captivity for distribution, the conversation turned to upcoming projects, and unsurprisingly, the prolific filmmaker enthusiastically keyed us in on a slew of pictures he’s prepping.

We are set to shoot (the feature) The Catacomb Tapes in France very soon with Nikki directing, and I’ll be shooting a 3D slasher flick in Washington this winter. Later this month I’ll also be filming A Peeping Blog Christmas: Peeping Blog 2, which will be released next Thanksgiving.

Lovesick Captivity can be visited online on the Lovesick Captivity Facebook page and follow Lovesick Captivity on Twitter. Keep up-to-date on all things Creepersin at the Creepersin Films website.

Excl. Dread Visits the Set of Lovesick Captivity

Excl. Dread Visits the Set of Lovesick Captivity

Excl. Dread Visits the Set of Lovesick Captivity

Excl. Dread Visits the Set of Lovesick Captivity

Excl. Dread Visits the Set of Lovesick Captivity

- Sean Decker

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