Rodrigo Cortés is Ready to Emergo

Rodrigo Cortés is Ready to EmergoEmergo! No, not that gimmick from William Castle's House on Haunted Hill in which an inflatable skeleton was sent flying over theatre-goers heads, though that was supremely cool. We're talking about the next film from Buried director Rodrigo Cortés!

According to Variety Rodrigo Cortés is writing a supernatural script for award-winning shorts director Carles Torrens, entitled Emergo - an Italian phrase meaning "to come out, or appear." The story focuses on a team of high-tech para-psychologists who investigate strange goings-on in a newly occupied apartment. When the group attempts to make contact with the other side, their interactions grow increasingly dangerous.

Cortés is also writing and directing a different supernatural horror flick, Red Lights, which is set to come out in 2012. Look for more on both of these projects soon.

- Uncle Creepy

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