DVD Releases - October 12th: Hex a Doll and Whisper to the Lost Boys

This week's roundup of DVD releases include fan favorites from TV, a scarred comic book antihero, the next installment of The Lost Boys, the requisite creature features, a Roger Corman set, and SyFy's apocalyptic view of the world. Also, don't forget to check out the soundtrack from the hottest vampire TV show right now (well, there's only one playing currently) at the very end of this list.

While waiting for your orders to arrive by mail, you can always catch up on Camera Obscura for free with our Episode 1-7 episodes & recap or watch the newest episodes on Dailymotion. You can also learn all about creature making from our Q&A With Camera Obscura's FX Maestro Jeff Farley.

On with the list....

Jonah Hex on DVDJonah Hex
Directed by Jimmy Hayward

Out of the pages of the legendary comics and graphic novels steps Jonah Hex (review), a scarred drifter and bounty hunter of last resort who can track anyone... and anything. Having survived death, Jonah's violent history is steeped in myth and legend and has left him with one foot in the natural world and one on the "other side. His one human connection is with Lilah, whose life in a brothel has left her with scars of her own. But Jonah's past catches up with him when the U.S. military makes him an offer he can’t refuse: to wipe out the warrants on his head, he must hunt and stop dangerous terrorist Quentin Turnbull. Jonah Hex stars Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, John Malkovich, Will Arnett, Michael Fassbender, and Wes Bentley.

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 The Thirst on DVDLost Boys: The Thirst
Directed by Dario Piana

As the lost boys and girls of San Cazador prepare to party under the Blood Moon, an alpha vampire conspires to turn these unsuspecting ravers into an army of undead. The only thing that stands between him and the annihilation of the entire human race is the infamous vampire fighting Frog Brothers. Edgar and Alan Frog join forces to kick some blood-sucker butt in this latest high-energy, action packed adventure in the Lost Boys franchise. Lost Boys: The Thirst (trailer) stars Corey Feldman, Jamison Newlander, Tanit Phoenix, and Sean Cameron Michael. Read our review with writer Hans Rodionoff.

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 Season Two on DVD"Dollhouse: Season Two"
Directed by Various

Joss Whedon’s take on the ultimate identity theft follows a cast of Actives, or Dolls, who serve as agents of Dollhouse, an illegal underground organization providing elite clientele with programmable human beings. Personality imprints allow Actives to temporarily become anyone or anything — the perfect burglar, lover, spy or assassin. When the mission is completed, memories are wiped clean. Watch the exclusive Dollhouse Clip. Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, Harry Lennix, Fran Kranz, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman, Olivia Williams, Miracle Laurie and Amy Acker.

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The Magician on DVDThe Magician
Directed by Ingmar Bergman

The Magician is an engaging, brilliantly conceived tale of deceit from one of cinema’s premier illusionists. Max von Sydow (The Virgin Spring, The Exorcist) stars as Dr. Vogler, a mid-nineteenth-century traveling mesmerist and peddler of potions whose magic is put to the test by a small town’s cruel, eminently rational minister of health, Dr. Vergerus (Wild Strawberries’ Gunnar Bjornstrand). The result is a diabolically clever battle of wits that’s both frightening and funny, shot in rich, gorgeously gothic black and white.

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 Attack of Legion on DVDGamera: Guardian of Universe & Gamera: Attack of the Legion
Directed by Shusuke Kaneko

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe Bigger. Badder. Turtlier! That giant fire-breathing turtle you loved as a kid is back with a vengeance. The all-new science fiction spectacular has been hailed by critic and fans alike as one of the best monster movies ever! The lean, green fighting machine has been reborn with a whole new set of tricks under his 200-foot shell. Gamera is ready for the new century with stunning state-of-the-art computer animation and dazzling special effects. The super turtle combats both a misguided military and a hideous race of man-eating flying reptiles. Aiding Gamera in his fight are a courageous naval officer, an intrepid ornithologist and a beautiful young psychic.

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S&Man (Sandman) on DVDS&Man (Sandman)
Directed by JT Petty

In S&Man (review), when cult-favorite horror filmmaker JT Petty ventures into the dark world of underground horror, things don't exactly go as planned. As he examines the comparison between filmmaking and voyeurism within the horror genre, he uncovers a collective of filmmakers, deviants, and self-professed possible murderers. The most notorious underground film series he discovers is called S&MAN, produced by the unassuming and creepy Eric Rost. The more Petty digs into his subject, the more Eric withdraws, claiming a desire to protect his "creative vision." But Petty begins to suspect that the real reason may be that Eric's "actors" are in fact "victims,".

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 The Sea Monster on DVDDemeking: The Sea Monster
Directed by Kohtaro Terauchi

Set in a dreary port town in 1970, the story revolves around a group of boys led by the older Kameoka (Kohei Kiyasu) who form their own exploration group. One day Kameoka meets a strange man named Hachiya (Takeshi Nadagi) who works at the local amusement park. Hachiya is convinced a vision of the future he experienced is real, and one day he will have to fight a giant monster called Demeking to stop it from destroying Tokyo. When the time comes, Hachiya suddenly up and leaves. However, with the guidance of a note he leaves behind, Kameoka and his friends set off on an adventure to discover the true nature of Demeking.

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Dark Lurking on DVDDark Lurking
Directed by Greg Connors

In 2017, something has gone terribly wrong at Outpost 30, a secret international research facility one mile beneath a remote part of the Earth's surface. All communications are gone, all means of escape destroyed, and an extremely dangerous horde of creatures is on the loose. For eight survivors their one possible escape route is through thirteen levels of terror that will lead them to the surface. The Dark Lurking (trailer) stars Tonia Renee, Bret Kennedy, and Ozzie Devrish. Shot entirely in Queensland, Australia.

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Roger Corman Drive-In Collection on DVDRoger Corman Drive-In Collection
Directed by Roger Corman

10 cult classics from the King of Drive-In Cinema. Attack of the Giant: Cave-dwelling giant swamp creatures feast on human flesh. The Wasp Woman - A beautiful woman turned into a horrible winged menace. Creature From The Haunted Sea: A smuggler plans to kill his human cargo. A Bucket Of Blood: A bumbling busboy covers dead people in clay. Last Woman On Earth: A nerdy florist cultivates a carnivorous talking plant. The Terror: A lieutenant pursues an intriguing woman to the castle of an elderly Baron. Dementia 13: An axe-wielding lunatic amuck in a creepy Irish castle. She Gods Of Shark Reef: A hideous stone god lords over beautiful island maidens. Swamp Women: Rough and tumble female convicts make a prison break.

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Terminal's picture

Lost Boys: The Thirst was shite. Complete total shite. I'm shocked anyone would like that crap.
"We are bad guys. That means we've got more to do other than bullying companies. It's fun to lead a bad man's life."

Submitted by Terminal on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 5:30pm.
TheDreamMaster's picture

I enjoyed The Lost Boys: The Thirst a lot: http://www.oh-the-horror.com/page.php?id=707

Submitted by TheDreamMaster on Tue, 10/12/2010 - 9:56pm.

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