More Star Wars Horrors Coming with Red Harvest

Joe Schreiber, author of Death Troopers, is back with another tale of gore-soaked mayhem in the Star Wars universe ... you know ... if chopping people in half with laser swords, cannibal teddy bears and killing Jedi children were not enough. Red Harvest looks to drop this December, proving the Dark Side can always get just a little darker.

Strange things are happening in a Sith academy, where the Dark Lord in charge has barricaded himself away, unexplained violence is on the rise, and the apprentices are growing more and more frightened. When a mercenary arrives with a delivery for the Sith Lord – and a hostage Jedi in tow – the situation reaches a boiling point. Only a Jedi Master, looking for the missing Jedi, can hope to get her – and himself – out alive.

For the die-hard dorklings, this story takes place sometime during the Old Republic storylines. Del Ray is publishing once again.

More Star Wars Horrors Coming with Red Harvest

- Nomad

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