Alexis Peters Talks Hatchet II

It’s hard to believe that the US premiere for Adam Green’s Hatchet II is only about a week away, and while we’ve had the opportunity here at Dread Central to hear from some of the key players in the project (including Green, AJ Bowen, and Tom Holland), we’re ready to introduce you to Alexis Peters, the up-and-coming actress who portrays Avery in the sequel.

Alexis Peters Talks Hatchet IIWe recently had the opportunity to check in with Peters to find out how she became one of those being hunted by Louisiana’s most notorious supernatural slasher, Victor Crowley, and how it felt to work alongside some of the genre’s most beloved stars.

Dread Central: What drew you to want to become an actress, and how did you get started in the industry?

Alexis Peters; My grandmother took me to see the musical “South Pacific” in an outdoor theatre in Chicago when I was a 5 years old and this blonde woman came out on stage and starting singing that song that goes something like, “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair…” and I was pretty much hooked from that moment forward. This led me to study acting and I ended up being Taft Hartlied for my first movie Grendel, which shot in Bulgaria right after college.

DC: Can you talk a little bit about how you got the part in Hatchet II and about your character Avery?

AP: I was scheduled to leave for Chicago for Christmas to see my family, and my manager called with an audition for Hatchet II which was the day before I left. I have to say I almost didn’t go; in fact I almost canceled the audition because I had so much to do before leaving. As fate would have it, I’m very happy I didn’t cancel.

Avery is a Southern girl who joins the group of "hunters" on the prowl for Victor Crowley. Her reasons for joining this particular team probably lean more towards the fact that she has unfinished business with Layton (played by AJ Bowen), which she is determined to set straight. The fans should get ready to laugh and be entertained at the very least!

DC: With Hatchet II being unrated, there’s obviously a huge amount of gore in the flick. Was that fun for you to experience since I know this is your first big genre film?

AP: I’ve wanted to be in a horror film since I saw Candyman as a little girl. Call me crazy… Some little girls wanted to play with Barbie, and while I was also one of those, I fantasized about playing the girl in horror movies who runs up the stairs trying to avoid her impending doom. The movie (Candyman) was partly traumatizing but also intrigued me. Who would ever guess I would work with Tony Todd as an adult? I had an absolute ball on the set of this film and can’t wait to do more.