Girls and Corpses Premieres Animated Music Video

Over the years we've learned that two things most Dread Central readers enjoy are girls and corpses, so you guys should really dig on the new animated music video from Girls and Corpses Magazine that recently premiered featuring the song "Crazy Fucked Up Bitch" by The Fabulous Miss Wendy.

Girls and Corpses Publisher/Deaditor-in-Chief Robert Rhine explains, "The concept is a takeoff on the ‘Night of The Dead’ type horror movies where girls are chased by zombies. But in our animated music video, the corpses are chased by the girls." Rhine adds, "The song 'Crazy Fucked Up Bitch,' by The Fabulous Miss Wendy, is the perfect girl-empowerment vibe for the music video -- it’s upbeat and perky but with dark comedic lyrics which perfectly fit Girls and Corpses Magazine."

Check out the video (which is presented by Girls and Corpses Magazine in conjunction with Pretend For Real Studios) and a couple of photos below, and for more visit the official Girls and Corpses site.

Girls and Corpses Premieres Animated Music Video

Girls and Corpses Premieres Animated Music Video

- Debi Moore

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