Synopsis, Trailer, and Still from UK Remake of Exposé

In addition to Dead Cert, which he just provided us an update on, producer Jonathan Sothcott has also been working on Exposé, a remake of the 1970's film of the same name. He dropped us a line with some info on Exposé along with a still, the trailer, and the poster art.

According to Sothcott, "The film has taken a year to get to the screen and has been a real labour of love for myself and [director] Martin Kemp, but Exposé is finally completed. For a low budget movie we had an amazing cast - a bona fide Hollywood star in the brilliant Jane March, a brilliant and versatile leading lady in Anna Brecon, and a really offbeat but superb turn from Billy Murray as a slippery journalist. And Martin directed them all with real skill, drawing out layered, subtle performances of the type you don't often get in this genre."

Check out the trailer, a still of genre icon Linda Hayden as "Mrs. Brown", and the film's poster art below the synopsis:

Following a stress-induced breakdown after producing a bestseller, writer Paula Martin (Anna Brecon) retreats to Bidford House, her childhood holiday home, to get away from it all and begin work on her next novel. However, the old house is full of secrets and mystery that distract and disturb the fragile Paula. She calls her agent for help to take the pressure off, and Linda (Jane March) arrives, appearing to be a godsend who can help get Paula back on track.

But all is not as it seems. Is Linda a serial killer who's been stalking Paula for years? With slimy journalist Robert Gainer (Billy Murray) seemingly on a mission to ruin Paula with a story of her breakdown, it's left to her analyst, Leo Fox (Colin Salmon), to race to her rescue ... but will he arrive in time?

Synopsis, Trailer, and Still from UK Remake of Expose

Synopsis, Trailer, and Still from UK Remake of Expose

- Debi Moore

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