Exclusive: Cage and Herzog Reteaming for Dr. Giggles Remake

Exclusive: Cage and Herzog Reteaming for Dr. Giggles RemakeIf you've seen Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, then you already know how insane the pairing of Nicolas Cage and filmmaker Werner Herzog proved to be. That madness probably won't compare with what the duo have in store for us when they reteam later this year for a remake of Dr. Giggles.

Manny Coto's 1992 slasher comedy Dr. Giggles cast Darkman villain Larry Drake as Doctor Evan Rendell, a deranged doc that murders his victims with an arsenal of exaggerated medical equipment while quipping bad medical puns and earning his nickname "Dr. Giggles" with a loony high-pitched laugh. The movie was something of a box office dud but has since garnered a small cult following.

Count Nicolas Cage amongst members of the Dr. Giggles fanbase. Cage shared his fondness for the film with director Werner Herzog during shooting of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, and the two cooked up a wild idea for a remake that will take the psycho surgeon "beyond the typical teen slasher genre", tells a source at Millenium Films, producers of both that and this remake, tentatively titled Dr. Giggles: Prescription for Terror.

Our source further adds, "They intend to bring the same sensibility to this project they brought to Bad Lieutenant. A crazy character study about a mentally unstable doctor that finally loses his grip on sanity and becomes a giggling serial killer. If you think you've seen Cage play crazy before, just wait until you see what he and (Herzog) have in store."

Contacting Cage through his Twitter account for comment on the story, the only response he was willing to give was "April Fool's!"

In response to a follow-up question asking him if he really is serious about going through with a planned sequel to Ghost Rider, Cage Twittered back: "That one is not just a bad joke."

Are you sure about that, Mr. Cage?

- The Foywonder

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Screamz's picture

I really hate April Fool's...:(

Submitted by Screamz on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 8:20pm.
Foywonder's picture

If you really want to giggle:


It goes down in alphabetical order. Look what is now listed as an upcoming 2010 horror movie. Ah, good ol' accurate Wikipedia.

Submitted by Foywonder on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 4:13pm.
Steve Barton's picture


Submitted by Steve Barton on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 4:21pm.
Floydian Trip's picture

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Submitted by Floydian Trip on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 4:21pm.
Dr Malachi Constant's picture

I hope this gives them some ideas, 'cause this needs to be a real project. Stat.

Submitted by Dr Malachi Constant on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 12:14pm.
Good one!
DavidFullam's picture

Good one!

Submitted by DavidFullam on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 11:57am.
Matt Serafini's picture

Cruel, Foy. Very cruel.

Submitted by Matt Serafini on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 7:55am.
moderator How I wish this movie would
Steve Barton's picture

How I wish this movie would get made! It could be EPIC.

Hey at least we TOLD you guys it was a joke. Be very careful what you believe that you read elsewhere.

Submitted by Steve Barton on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 4:53am.
Vanvance1's picture

You got me!

Forgot it was April 1st.

Submitted by Vanvance1 on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 4:51am.
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So is this happening or not?

Please tell me it's not just an april fools joke.

Submitted by The Buz on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 4:37am.
Foywonder's picture

What is today's date again?

Submitted by Foywonder on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 4:51am.

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