New Trailer for Devon Sawa's Creature of Darkness

The two-year wait for the Devon Sawa-starring, Powerball lottery winner-produced Creature of Darkness ends April 13th when MTI Video finally releases the film on DVD.

Previous plot descriptions gave the impression that it was about a supernatural creature lurking in the woods haunting Sawa's dreams, but MTI has released a new trailer that plants the film squarely in science fiction territory revealing "The Catcher" is an alien that captures humans for an intergalactic zoo.

So ... check out the trailer below and judge for yourself. Could be fun, or it could be crap. I just watch the trailer amazed this isn't premiering on Syfy!

Creature of Darkness - Trailer
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- The Foywonder

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Gareth Jones's picture

Shitty CGI, but the Prosthetics and creature design look pretty damn good! That title though, sheesh! "Creature of Darkness"...surely somebody must have thought of something more original?

Submitted by Gareth Jones on Thu, 02/25/2010 - 11:55pm.

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