Get Ready for I Am Virgin

While the Asylum was right out of the gate with their I Am Legend knockoff, I Am Omega, director Sean Skelding was meticulously planning a spoof. Now, after two years, I Am Virgin is nearly upon us. Seriously.

From today’s press release:

I Am Virgin is a spoof of I Am Legend, the 2008 science fiction release starring Will Smith. In I Am Virgin, Portland actor Adam Davis plays Robby, the last uninfected man standing in a world ravaged by a virus that has transformed all of humanity into horny, sex-crazed vampires. And as the title suggests, Robby is a virgin.

You’ll be able to catch the horror spoof from January 29th to February 3rd at the Clinton Street Theater in Southeast Portland before a DVD and cable release. What’s next for Sean Skelding, you might be asking? Stripperland, of course. That’s a take off on Zombieland in case you were wondering.

Get Ready for I Am Virgin

- MattFini

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