Paranormal Entity Trailer and Review

If the internet powers-that-be ever give out Purple Hearts to those of us out there who take dozens of cinematic bullets for the sake of keeping you informed, showing nothing short of bravery in the face of complete bullshit, then the first ever recipient should no doubt be our very own Foywonder.

Yep, he took the bullet for us all ... again ... by sitting through the ill-conceived, ill-guided, illness-inducing steaming turd of a film(!) known as The Asylum's latest "mockbuster" Paranormal Entity, which is the next in the studio's long line of films that hope in earnest to cash in on the success of another's hard work.

Check out our Paranormal Entity review here, and dig on the trailer below courtesy of Quiet Earth.

- Uncle Creepy

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shit, this is 100 times better that shitty ass PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!!! At least someone has the balls to stand up to that crap they call paranormal activity!

Submitted by click67 on Thu, 12/17/2009 - 10:30am.

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