Angst Reigns Supreme in The Final

Revenge is a dish best served with your foot up someone's ass. This is especially true for the proverbial kids who cannot take it anymore in the new slasher/revenge flick The Final.

Directed by Joey Stewart and starring Jascha Washington, Julin, Justin Arnold, and Lindsay Seidel, The Final tells the story of Dane, an awkward student with a deadly vendetta and suicidal tendencies, who leads a group of outcasts in a plot to avenge the years of humiliation they faced from the popular students at their high school. At an abandoned lake house the outcasts prepare a night of torture that will leave their tormentors scarred for life - physically and emotionally.

Check out the trailer below, and click the image to visit the film's official website.

Angst Reigns Supreme in The Final

The Final Trailer from AGORA ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

- Uncle Creepy

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AriesofPitt's picture

This looks kick ass.

Submitted by AriesofPitt on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 8:58pm.

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