Scream Awards Results As They Happen

Resistance is futile” -- The fourth annual Scream Awards, the first and only global event of its kind to honor the best in sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic genres are happening RIGHT NOW, at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, and we're bringing you the results as they happen. The two-hour extravaganza will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT).

Scream Awards Nominees Announced

Most Anticipated Fantasy Film:
Alice in Wonderland -- Presenter: Jessica Alba. Accepting: Johnny Depp

Best Sci-Fi Actress:
Megan Fox -- Transformers 2 -- Presenter: Justin Long. Accepting: Megan Fox

Break-out Performance Female:
Isabelle Lucas -- Transformers 2 -- Presenter: John C. Reilly. Accepting Isabelle Lucas.

Best Villian:
Alexander Skarsgård -- "True Blood" -- Presenter: Kate Bosworth. Accepting: Alexander Skarsgård.

Break-out Performance Male:
Taylor Lautner - Twilight -- Presenter: Christina Ricci. Accepting: Taylor Lautner.

Best Comic Book Writer:
Jeff Jones -- Presenters: Eliza Dushku and Dave Navarro. Accepting: Jeff Jones.

Best Comic Book Movie:
Watchmen -- Presenters: Eliza Dushku and Dave Navarro. Accepting: Jackie Earle Haley.

Rock Immortal Award:
Keith Richards -- Presenter: Johnny Depp. Accepting Keith Richards.

Best Horror Movie:
Drag Me to Hell -- Presenter: Jennifer Carpenter. Accepting: Sam Raimi and principal cast minus Allison Lohman.

Best Horror Actor Male:
Stephen Moyer - "True Blood" -- Presenter: Liv Tyler. Accepting: Stephen Moyer.

Best Horror Actor Female:
Anna Paquin - "True Blood" -- Presenter: Jackie Earle Haley. Accepting: Anna Paquin

Scream Mastermind Lifetime Achievement Award:
George A. Romero -- Presenter: Quentin Tarantino. Accepting: George A. Romero

Best Director:
JJ Abrams - Star Trek -- Presenter: Harrison Ford. Accepting: JJ Abrams

Best TV Show:
"True Blood" -- Presenter: Cast of "Vampire Diaries".

Best Fantasy Movie:
Twilight -- Presenter: Elijah Wood. Accepting: Taylor Lautner

Comic-Con Icon Lifetime Achievement Award:
Stan Lee -- Presenter: Tobey Maguire. Accepting: Stan Lee

Ultimate Scream:
Star Trek -- Presenter: Morgan Freeman. Accepting: William Shatner(!)

Live coverage was brought to you diligently by Sean Decker, yours truly, Heather Wixson, and Brian Smith. Be sure to thank them the next time you read their postings.

- Uncle Creepy

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DavidFullam's picture

Drag me to Hell and George Romero, oh yes. Everything else? Uh no. Oh well, guess I was expecting way too much.

Submitted by DavidFullam on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 11:15am.
moderator The wins for True Blood made
Debi Moore's picture

The wins for True Blood made me pretty happy, and even though it's not horror, I was glad to see Star Trek get some love.

Submitted by Debi Moore on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 1:14pm.
DavidFullam's picture

I didn't see a winner for "Best Science Fiction Film." Hopefully Star Trek will get it.

Submitted by DavidFullam on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 1:48pm.

It might not be perfect but it beats the hell out of any other award show and I always love watching. Any award show featuring Christina Ricci and that gives an award to George Romero is worth watching in my opinion

Submitted by HORRORHOLIC on Sun, 10/18/2009 - 12:05pm.
sobriquet87's picture

What a load of BULL! I defintely won't be watching this year. The only wins I happy about are Star Trek and I actually am looking forward to Alice in Wonderland, but it's not my most anticipated movie by a long slide.

Submitted by sobriquet87 on Sun, 10/18/2009 - 10:31am.

I am pretty sure i dont agree with a single win here.

Submitted by dontadow on Sun, 10/18/2009 - 10:05am.

What a bunch of utter garbage TWILIGHT and TRANSFORMERS 2 were.

Submitted by The Butcher on Sun, 10/18/2009 - 1:21am.

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