Savage Sasquatch Trailer Packs a Wallop

A few days ago we brought you news and the one-sheet for Savage, a new killer Bigfoot flick starring Lisa Wilcox of Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5 and the venerable Martin Kove. Turns out there's already a trailer lurking out there for this latest bit of Sasquatchploitation.

Have a look at it below and be sure to stick around to the end. Bigfoot is known for his feet but how many of you knew he packed such a punch?

- The Foywonder

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It's Largefoot but not Bigfoot.

The glimpse looks more like Chakka from LAND OF THE LOST as a teenager than anything "big". Other than that, the studff leading up to it wasn't really too bad.

Submitted by The Butcher on Fri, 09/25/2009 - 7:24pm.

Sasquatch going all Rocky on that clown FTW!

Submitted by BoggyCreekBeast on Fri, 09/25/2009 - 4:58pm.
Gus Bjork's picture

I demand blatent product placement from Jack Links in at least one scene.

Submitted by Gus Bjork on Fri, 09/25/2009 - 10:43am.

At 22 secs I was hoping the kid would say, "Are you a giant?".

Submitted by PelusaMG on Fri, 09/25/2009 - 8:46am.

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