Teaser Poster - The Lovely Bones

A teaser poster for Peter Jackson's troubled film The Lovely Bones surfaced today, and hopefully we can think of it as a symbol that all is finally well.

Back in May we reported that the film had shut down due to creative differences over how to depict Heaven on film, but like I said ... we'll take this as a good sign.

The story centers on a young girl who has been murdered and watches over her family - and her killer - from heaven. She must weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal.

Dig the poster below courtesy of Film1.nl.

Teaser Poster - The Lovely Bones

- Uncle Creepy

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MagusMaleficus's picture

I bought the book about two years ago and never read it. It's sitting on my bookshelf right now, glowering at me. Don't kill me, book, I'll read ya yet.

Submitted by MagusMaleficus on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 6:17am.
rupp30's picture

its a damn good book. i'm glad to see peter jackson doing the adapataion of it. its almost guaranteed he'll do a great job with it.


Submitted by rupp30 on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 10:50am.

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