Creepy One-Sheet for Imago Mortis

The new Spanish one-sheet surfaced this morning for the Stefano Bessoni shocker Imago Mortis, and it seemingly fits the tone of the film perfectly.

There are still no official plans for a US release, but we're keeping our ears to the ground! Check out the poster after the break courtesy of Aullidos, and then dig on the trailers below courtesy of Twitch Film!

They say that in the 1600s, long before the invention of photography, a scientist named Girolamo Fumagalli was obsessed with the idea of reproducing images. He discovered that by killing a victim and removing the victim's eyeballs, it was possible to reproduce on paper the last image imprinted on that person's retinas. He named this technique 'thanatography'. Today, the same kind of gruesome ritual and abominable crime recurs within the walls of an international school of cinema.

Creepy One-Sheet for Imago Mortis

- Uncle Creepy

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I like it

I like it

Submitted by Dr. Abyss (not verified) on Mon, 06/22/2009 - 11:45am.

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