Tokyo Zombie Coming to DVD April 7th

Tokyo Zombie!Thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment and Manga Entertainment, horror comedy sensation Tokyo Zombie is set for release on DVD this April 7, 2009.

It's been a while since we posted our Tokyo Zombie review, so it's understandable if you're a little fuzzy on the details. Here's the skinny straight from Anchor Bay: The film was written and directed by Sakichi Satô, who wrote Takashi Miike’s controversial, award-winning Ichi the Killer, and many observers have compared this film to Miike’s ground-breaking work in the horror genre.

Tadanobu Asano and Sho Aikawa portray a pair of full-time slackers and wannabe jujitsu champions who bring the murdered body of their sleazy boss to Tokyo’s infamous toxic waste dump known as “Black Fuji.” But when an army of the undead rises from the foul, festering trash heap, our “heroes” must battle a non-stop barrage of hasty decapitations, perverted teachers, tasty snack foods(!), stormy romance, and zombie professional wrestling. Yes, the fate of humanity hinges on these two dimwit misfits – one dumber than the other!

The DVD will include the following special features:

  • The documentary "Making of the Dead"
  • Actors’ interviews
  • An exclusive Q & A session with cast and crew
  • One of the actor’s in-store appearance
  • Teasers and trailers
  • Hit the link below to pre-order Tokyo Zombie today!

    - Debi Moore

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