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Next Week on Episode 3.03 of Ash vs Evil Dead!



If you missed last night’s episode of “Ash vs Evil Dead”, make sure to read our review. However, with that episode put on ice (HA! Sperm bank joke!) it’s now time to look forward to next Sunday’s episode “Father’s Day”!

In that episode, “Ruby reveals herself to Ash as she tries to strengthen her bond with Brandy to defeat The Prophesized One. Meanwhile, Pablo and Dalton continue to spar, unsure of one another.

I wonder how Brandy is going to deal with Ash, her father, taking on Ms. Prevett, aka Ruby, who she considers to someone very near and dear to her, especially after the death of her mother. With Ruby whispering wicked thoughts into Brandy’s ears, I’m sure this is going to be an interesting character arc where Brandy will have to choose between who she thinks is her friend and who she believes is a crazed killer. Things could get interesting…

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode:



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