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Blumhouse Could Very Well Reboot Paranormal Activity Soon



The late 2000’s were a series of years where Blumhouse’s Paranormal Activity films were a constant in the world of horror. We got a total of six films out of the franchise before the found footage franchise ended with the disappointing Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (review) in 2015.

As big as those films were – and how cheap they were to produce – you can bet it is only a matter of time before the series gets the old reboot treatment. Found footage or not.

In the video below, producer Jason Blum is asked if there is, in fact, a plan to reboot the Paranormal Activity franchise. To which Blum answers, “Paranormal Activity is on hiatus but if Chris [Landon], who has done four Paranormal Activity movies, has an idea to reboot it, we’re very open to hearing it.”

Chris Landon is, of course, the director of such films as Happy Death Day and the writer of Paranormal Activity 2Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (which he also directed).

I guess we’ll see if Blum is serious about rebooting the Paranormal Activity franchise one day. And probably sooner than later. I mean with all of these “secret sequels” popping up, seemingly, every other week, you never know!

For better or worse….

Until then you can always buy the original film on Blu-ray HERE.




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