Scream Factory Spawning a Blu-Ray of James Cameron’s Flying Piranha Epic Piranha II: The Spawning Next Year

There are certain words and phrases you don’t expect to find yourself ever writing. For example, “Scream Factory will release a collector’s edition Blu-ray of Piranha II: The Spawning.” Yet, here I am writing just that.

Scream Factory will release a collector’s edition Blu-ray of Piranha II: The Spawning.

Piranha II: The Spawning is really only famous for three things:

  • First and foremost, the 1981 Italian-produced sequel to 1978’s cult classic Piranha may very well be the only movie ever made about flying, man-eating piranha. Even Syfy and The Asylum have yet to revisit such ludicrous heights.
  • Secondly, and this is really a personal note, the poster art (seen on the Blu-ray cover) is amongst the greatest b-movie artwork of all time. So much so, even Scream Factory has acknowledged it was too perfect to replace with newly commissioned custom art. If only the film itself could live up to its own art.
  • Third, and most importantly, Piranha II marked the directorial debut of some filmmaker you may have heard of named James Cameron. If memory serves me correctly, Cameron was fired from the film at some point, and the rotten experience helped light a fire in him to get his next film made: a little something called The Terminator.

Meanwhile, The Abyss and True Lies have yet to debut on Blu-ray, but here we are getting what Cameron himself has sarcastically described as “the best damn flying piranha movie ever made.

While investigating the mysterious death of a diver, scuba instructor Anne Kimbrough (Tricia O’Neil) makes a horrific discovery: Piranha-like fish, with wings that enable them to fly, are responsible for the death. As the body count rises, Anne desperately tries to convince the manager of the resort to call off the annual fish fry on the beach, but he’s determined to give his guests the ultimate feeding frenzy.

Scream Factory has announced a collector’s edition Blu-ray of Piranha II: The Spawning on January 30th. They have confirmed this collector’s edition will come with a slipcover and boast a newly restored HD transfer in its proper aspect ratio of the uncut version of the sequel previously seen on a rather murky DVD release.

Extras and specs have not yet been announced. Going out on a limb and guessing a new interview or commentary track with James Cameron will not be amongst those extras, and if it is, then this will be THE must-own Blu-ray of 2018.

Piranha 2 the spawning

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