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Neill Blomkamp’s Zygote Teases Something Truly Disgusting



Oats Studios isn’t letting up with their onslaught of incredible short films! Fresh off the heels of their recent title Firebase, the studio is now getting ready to release Zygote, which looks like a new entry in body horror, at least from the short teaser that can be viewed below.

The short will be released on YouTube and on their Steam Page on July 12th.

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What makes Blomkamp and Oats Studios’ offerings so exciting is that they aren’t constrained by studio interference. Rather, they have complete autonomy and creative freedom to bring to life whatever stories they see fit. That makes them one of the most exciting studios in operation these days and it cements Blomkamp and his team as visionaries who understand the risk of this undertaking but face it head on with innovative prowess and steadfast dedication.



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