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Exclusive: Wronged Trailer Proves There Is No Justice



Today we’re excited to bring you the exclusive trailer premiere for Nick Holland’s Wronged. Shot entirely in or around the metro Detroit area, the film follows a couple who go on a hunting trip to try and reconnect with their family. However, it seems that they’re not alone on this journey and what they have to become is just as horrifying as what they have to face.

Holland tells Dread Central, “It’s unbelievable that this film was even made at all. Every single odd was stacked against us and this production, from wildlife and the weather itself to equipment failure. But somehow, our crew and cast fought through all of it alongside us and I think that pure agony of struggle is definitely felt in the performances of everyone onscreen. Unfortunately for our audiences, I hope that they feel that same pain as well!

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Parents David and Andrea lose their third child that they have been awaiting in a miscarriage, leaving David a shell of his former self, replaced now by a self loathing and rage stricken misanthrope. At the behest of their marriage counselor, the two of them along with their two children join their extended family for a remote hunting trip in an attempt to repair their broken lives. But on this trip, they soon find themselves at the mercy of someone much colder and unforgiving than the indifference of the world they attempted to flee, and David’s family must decide if it is this new threat they must fear, or what it is David may have become in the face of it.



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