Night Feeders Feed at Night

Night Feeders!It’s an age old story: the hunter becomes the hunted. In the case of the new sci-fi horror flick Night Feeders, four Southern rednecks head out into the wilderness for a weekend of deer hunting only to find themselves targeted by a horde of nocturnal, man-eating extraterrestrials that just crash to earth in a fiery meteor.

Ironically, this plot isn’t all the dissimilar to that of another upcoming film called The Hunt that will be getting a DVD release in November. The Hunt looks more Predator-ish whereas Night Feeders looks like a retread of the Polonia Brothers’ infamously horrendous Feeders but replacing the stick puppet aliens with not-so-convincing computerized aliens. At least it did when I first stumbled upon info about Night Feeders two months ago. Since then the trailer has been changed to one that doesn’t let us see the monsters. If you saw the first trailer like I did, well, there’s probably a good reason why. Or maybe, just maybe, that one was an old teaser trailer and the f/x have since been upgraded? Just looking at the DVD artwork should give you some idea what these night-feeding aliens looks like. Either way, I’m still a sucker for man-eating alien monster movies so I’ll give it a try.

Allumination Filmworks releases writer/director Jet Ellers’ Night Feeders to DVD on September 19th.

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