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5 Horrorpunk Bands to Check Out in 2016



Horror Punks

Greetings, fiends and ghouls! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mister Gore, and I’ve been granted the extreme honor and privilege of bringing the good word of horrorpunk to Dread Central!

Having run a little corner of the internet dedicated to the horror genre with a strong focus on the horrorpunk genre of music since 2013 called The Deadhouse, I have been lucky enough to become acquainted with bands from all over the world who choose to mix our favorite genre with music. And as this is my introduction to Dread Central, I thought it would be appropriate to put together a small list of some bands within the horrorpunk scene that are most certainly deserving of your time.

horror punks - 5 Horrorpunk Bands to Check Out in 2016

For most people, the horrorpunk genre begins and ends with The Misfits. While they are undoubtedly the most popular and well-known horrorpunk band of all time, there is so much more to the scene than what Jerry Only would have you believe. Below is just a small sampling of bands that are currently active, having either recently released or planning to release new material.

Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight
Outside of The Misfits, West Virginia’s Blitzkid are arguably the most popular band to emerge out of the genre. Following the band’s demise in 2012, the band’s bassist and vocalist Argyle Goolsby would choose to go the solo route. With his touring band The Roving Midnight, Goolsby has been steadily releasing music since 2012. 2016 Promises to see the release of the first full-length recording from the man, and you can check out the 2015 release of Saturnalia of the Accursed, which collects two EPs in addition to a few other songs. Goolsby also recently released a cover of “Save Me Tonight” by White Sister, originally featured on the soundtrack to the original 1985 Fright Night. You can check out Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight on Facebook here.

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians
The former guitarist of DieMonsterDie, Shadow Windhawk is one of the hardest working men in the horrorpunk genre. Founded in 2014, the band released their debut album, Casket Spray, that same year. Since then the band has released the sporadic track to help keeps fans’ appetites satiated while Windhawk himself has served as a member of Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight. The band is set to release its long-awaited sophomore album, Cemetery Garden, on May 21st. You can check out Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians on Facebook here.

Al B. Damned
With a style very reminiscent of Wednesday 13, Al B. Damned has been involved in the horror music scene for quite some time, originally serving as the frontman for The Texas Drag Queen Massacre. Following the end of that band, Damned released his debut solo album, The Darker Side of Me, in 2010. 2013 Would see the release of The Seven EP, which was also announced to be the final album from Al B. Damned, but the project would end up being resurrected in 2015 with the release of For Old Times Stake. Al B. Damned is far and away the best horrorpunk to emerge from the United Kingdom, and while a new album is not currently in the cards, Damned is currently preparing a live DVD for release this year. You can check out Al B. Damned on Facebook here.

Kitty in a Casket
Hailing from Austria, Kitty in a Casket recently released their fifth album, Kiss & Hell. Fronted by Kitty Casket, KIAC mixes the horrorpunk genre along with a rockabilly style that has evolved throughout the years. While not as strictly horror-based as their first few releases, Kiss & Hell still delivers on nearly every level. You can check out Kitty in a Casket on Facebook here.

Black Cat Attack
While we are on the subject of female-fronted bands, I’d be remiss not to mention fellow Canadians Black Cat Attack. Fronted by Valerie Knox, Black Cat Attack also features guitarist Sweet Gravy Brown from pop-punkers Sum 41. The band is currently in the studio recording their new album, which is expected to release in the next few months. You can check out Black Cat Attack on Facebook here.

Of course, this small list is just the tip of the iceberg! Expect to see more of me around here bringing you all the latest and greatest from the world of horrorpunk. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Twitter here, and stay tuned to Dread Central for all of your horror needs!





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