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Death House - Exclusive: Poster Art Invites You to the Death House


Exclusive: Poster Art Invites You to the Death House

Back in June we exclusively provided the first details for B. Harrison Smith’s upcoming horror film Death House, produced by Entertainment Factory’s Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase and based on a script that was penned by none other than Gunnar “Leatherface” Hansen. Today we’re happy to debut the poster art by “Monster” Mark Kosobucki along with a lengthy plot synopsis.

Originally envisioned as “The Expendables of horror,” Hansen’s script was rewritten by Smith, who is directing the film. The cast will soon be announced, and we’re told that it’s going to be jam-packed with both big name stars and beloved horror icons.

From what Smith tells us, the new script combines the grittiness of Assault on Precinct 13 with the gore of Saw and the action of Jurassic Park – minus the dinosaurs. Films like Escape from NY, Resident Evil, and even The Wizard of Oz served as inspirations for the tale.

This will not be a gimmick horror film,” Smith promises us. “No satire. Straight-up nasty horror.”

The Death House is the Area 51 of Evil… a subterranean government facility that holds humanity’s worst on nine levels. Hell, Dante’s ninth level, holds the Five Evils… the “dark stars” of Death House. These individuals are so heinous they can never walk among society again. They may also be supernatural.

Agents Toria Boon and Jae Novak have their own dark pasts, arriving at Death House to tour its levels and observe its denizens first-hand as well as the medical and mental experiments of Drs. Eileen Fletcher and Karen Redmane. Their depraved experiments date back to the Nazi doctors of WWII.

Prison cells are virtual reality holo decks that recreate prisoner environments before they were incarcerated. A special hallucinogenic gas keeps inmates under control. The victims are homeless, bused into Death House to play literal victims while killing habits are studied. The results are sick, but only a hint of what goes on here.

Hell literally breaks loose inside the facility when an EMP device detonates, killing all power and communication and… releasing every prisoner. Boon, Novak, and Fletcher are caught in a race against advancing prisoner hordes led by occultist Neo-Nazi Sieg. The monsters are freed, and they’re going down.

Boon and Novak’s fight through Death House turns into a house of horrors gauntlet; their only hope of escape is descending into Hell and enlisting the help of the Five Evils. Events culminate in a violent face-to-face standoff with absolute evil… only to find that they have traveled down a rabbit hole and through a looking glass. Black is white and white is black and the definitions of good and evil no longer apply.

Who are the monsters? Who will escape?

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