Snapchat Kicks Off Eli Roth-Produced Murder Mystery

Depending on your age, Snapchat is either the greatest social media network on the face of the planet or a concept as foreign and distant as the surface of Pluto. One person who seems to understand the power of Snapchat is Eli Roth, who has teamed up with CryptTV to produce an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery starring 10 “social media influencers.”

For the next several hours, Snapchat users can watch the mystery unfold on the app. However, if you want to join in the fun, you’ll need to add CryptTV on Snapchat as soon as possible. Eli Roth is producing the murder mystery, while the folks at Culprit Creative are directing.

Here are some tidbits from the official press release.

Roth and CryptTV invited 10 social media influencers to a mysterious mansion party in real life on Sunday night, where their phones were confiscated. Before entering, the influencers directed their 40 million fans to watch the story on CryptTV. One by one the social stars were murdered, and clues were left behind for the viewer to solve before the story disappears from SNAPCHAT after 24 hours.

Influencers include Logan Paul, Nick Bateman, Alex Burriss, Acacia Brinley, Lia Mare Johnson, Jack Baran, Simone Shepherd, Jake Paul, Josh Leyva, and David Dobrik.

If you’re hoping the catch the Eli Roth-produced murder mystery on Snapchat, then you’d better hurry. It’s only available on the app for a very limited time.

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Eli Roth Snapchat Mystery Image 4

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