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dog - Stephen King's Cujo Being Remade as C.U.J.O.; First Details


Stephen King’s Cujo Being Remade as C.U.J.O.; First Details

Back in 2013, it was announced via press release that Sunn Classic Pictures’ Lang Elliot was working on a remake of 1983’s Cujo, the Lewis Teague-directed film that was of course based on Stephen King’s novel. Now another press release has arrived, and the details are a bit different.

According to the release, Elliot will be directing the reboot, which has been retitled from Cujo to C.U.J.O. As you might have guessed, those letters do indeed stand for something, and what they stand for is “Canine Unit Joint Operations,” suggesting a military origin story for the killer dog.

The reboot’s screenplay is finished and production is gearing up to begin, with DJ Perry (Ashes of Eden) attached to star. In addition to directing, Elliot will also produce the film, set to be distributed by Sunn Classic Pictures – the company that released the 1983 original.

In King’s novel and Teague’s film, Cujo is a large, playful St. Bernard dog that is transformed into a hideous killing machine after being infected by rabies. Donna Trenton’s car is on the fritz, and she and her son take her ailing automobile to their mechanic. Upon their arrival, the car stalls and refuses to restart. The mechanic fails to appear so Donna searches for him.

The transformed, maniacal Cujo reveals himself; he is highly agitated and very aggressive. Donna hardly recognizes this filthy, monstrous creature foaming at the mouth. Suddenly Cujo charges Donna, who barely makes it back into the car for protection. Trapped with her son and the windows rolled up, the sweltering heat begins to take its toll.

Cujo’s powerful state of insanity and violence await.

cujo2 - Stephen King's Cujo Being Remade as C.U.J.O.; First Details


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