B-Sides: Groovin’ with the Addams Family

I can’t think of a more fitting B-Sides to run on the weekend that sees the release of another big budget horror comedy based on a 1960’s half-hour program about a ghoulish family living in a Gothic manner than this weekend’s musical selection.

B-Sides: A Skunk Sings a Love Song to a Parrot

You are not drunk and you are not high. Well, maybe you are right now. Not like I’m peeping in your windows. What you are about to witness is not a chemical-induced hallucination. A skunk really does sing a love song to a parrot, and it's not a cartoon either.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Municipal Waste's The Fatal Feast Music Video

In San Diego twin brothers Jeff and Chris Speed are best known for their Blacklist Art & Film Festival, but they also have their own production company, Halo of Flies, and sent over a behind-the-scenes look at "The Fatal Feast" music video they recently shot for Municipal Waste.

B-Sides: If I Come in Peace, Will You Touch Me Tonight?

I don’t know what the hell Shooting Star’s “Touch Me Tonight” has to do with Dolph Lundgren fighting a drug dealer from outer space that fires killer CDs from its wrists, but since it plays over the closing credits of I Come in Peace and I Come in Peace is one of the all-time great b-movies...

B-Sides: Slaughter High Celebrates April Fool's Day

The working title for Slaughter High was April Fool’s Day. Too bad another slasher entitled April’s Fool’s Day was already on the way. Producers were forced to change their title to Slaughter High; yet, the thematic “April Fool’s Day” song remained. Thank goodness.

B-Sides: Zarkorr Invades! Earth Sings!

Earth is attacked by a giant space monster. Good aliens trying to save us from this city-smashing behemoth decide only the most average man on Earth can stop it. A holographic space girl two inches high appears in a postal worker’s kitchen to recruit him to save the human race. Thus begins the ballad of Zarkorr! The Invader.

Slaves on Dope Release Pork Sword

Indie metal/thrash band Slaves on Dope just dropped the new music video for "Pork Sword" from their album Over the Influence, and it's a loving homage to "Dexter", women, tattoos and torture. In other words, the video is as nasty and gritty as their music.

B-Sides: I Love the Barbarian

This weekend’s B-Sides is just plain strange. If you’ve ever seen the 1989 intergalactic man vs. monsters Rocky riff Arena, then you know all about “I Love the Barbarian” and know exactly why I describe it as just plain strange.

B-Sides: George Jefferson Has Ghost Fever

Sherman Hemsley decided after a decade starring as iconic loudmouth George Jefferson on “The Jeffersons” that it was time to take a shot at big screen superstardom. Not only did he star in and croon the theme song to the 1987 comedy Ghost Fever, he also funded the film out of his own pocket, eventually bankrupting him.

Listen to New Music from BGG's Life Weaver

Independent developer BGG Productions and its partner, BioGamer Girl, have announced the release of a full-length soundtrack for their new survival horror game Life Weaver. The soundtrack was composed by musician Amanda Dyar, and it can be purchased for a limited time for $19.99.

B-Sides: We Accept the Challenge of Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

At long last! Jon Mikl Thor makes his first - and certainly not last - appearance in the B-Sides. If you’ve ever seen Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare, then you know what is coming. Prepare to have your ears blasted and your mind blown. Do you accept the challenge?

B-Sides: The Ballad of My Bloody Valentine

B-Sides is typically a weekend column, but I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day slide without presenting the greatest Valentine horror B-Sides of all. If you haven’t already guessed “The Ballad of Harry Warden” from the original My Bloody Valentine, then you more than anyone else need to read on.

B-Sides: Don’t Touch Tawny Kitaen's Heart

This Valentine’s weekend B-Sides video comes from a motion picture that dares ask the burning question: Would you be willing to die for a chance to have sex with Tawny Kitaen? Keep in mind we’re talking about 1986 Tawny Kitaen, the slithering on the hood of a car in a Whitesnake video Tawny Kitaen when she was at the peak of her Tawny-ness.

B-Sides: Most Explosive, Action-Packed B-Sides Ever!

Today’s B-Sides has it all: explosions, more explosions, gunfire, more gunfire, vehicles crashing through gates, helicopter escapes, children longing for their Rambo-esque father to come home, more explosions, more gunfire, and all of it is set to a rocking Eighties theme song that sounds like it could have been composed by a Krokus tribute band.

B-Sides: Green Slime Screaming 'Cross Your Mind

A trippy, late 1960’s rock song that blends acid rock with an Etherwave theremin has the potential to be awesome as is. Make that song about killer green slime from outer space, and you have one of the greatest B-Sides of all time. It’s Green Slime time!