B-Sides: Grindhouse Megamix

We’re doing something a little different this time. Usually the song featured in B-Sides is from a B-movie. This weekend’s B-Sides is a song made from B-movies - clips from 50 different B-movies comprising the “Grindhouse Megamix”.

B-Sides: Bikini Island Is Picture Perfect

With the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue hitting shelves this past week, it seems as good a time as any for one of the many musical contributions from the 1991 swimsuit slasher Bikini Island. A B-Sides you can enjoy even with the sound off.

B-Sides: Do the Jellyfish

To think the world’s only jellyfish man movie would have been lost to the annals of time had it not been rescued from obscurity by Something Weird Video. And if you think a jellyfish man is something weird, then just wait until you hear Neil Sedaka’s theme song, “Do the Jellyfish.”

B-Sides: Fear Is Here to Capture Your Soul

What do you get when producer Charles Band, writer David S. Goyer, and director Albert Pyun decide to do their own horror version of Tron? If you didn’t answer Arcade, then you clearly do not know your Full Movie catalogue.

B-Sides: Keep Left of The Invisible Maniac

Before directing Detroit Rock City and unleashing a giant sperm on New York City in the “Wadzilla” segment of Chillerama, Adam Rifkin introduced the world to a horny, psychopathic phantom known as The Invisible Maniac. Not enough movie maniacs have their own personal theme songs, if you ask me.

B-Sides: Once Bitten, Thrice Speed

Jim Carrey’s Once Bitten makes its second B-Sides appearance thanks to a theme song by the band 3 Speed and the only official music video from the 1985 teen horror comedy about a virgin getting mixed up with a much older vampire. Like Twilight, only intentionally funny.

B-Sides: Rockin’ in 2013 with Some New Year’s Evil

This was supposed to be last weekend’s B-Sides, but I accidentally sent in the wrong file so you got another song from the Shocker soundtrack instead. Like that Wes Craven slasher, the soundtrack from which this weekend’s installment is taken is also a treasure trove of future B-Sides. So a belated New Year’s Evil rockin’ eve it is.

B-Sides: This Power Ballad Is a Shocker

Ah, the soundtrack to Wes Craven’s Shocker - truly the B-Sides gift that keeps on giving. It wouldn’t be the most metal 80’s horror movie soundtrack without a hard rockin’ hair band power ballad. Every rose has its thorn; just like every sword had its stone; or something like that.

The Deadly Spawn Takes a Bite out of Vinyl

Remember in the last story when we said Mondo was showing no signs of slowing down in 2013? As we were hitting the publish button, an e-mail came in alerting us that the wonderful sickos there are also releasing The Deadly Spawn soundtrack to vinyl!

B-Sides: 2012 Was a Time for Miracles

So now that 2013 is upon us and all the Mayan doomsday nonsense of 2012 can be tossed into the same landfill with the bygone Y2K doomsday conspiracies, Roland Emmerich’s magnum opus 2012 can officially be labeled a comedy. I consider that reason enough to sing.

B-Sides: Santa’s Watching You this Silent Night, Deadly Night

It was the horror movie that led to parental protests and so outraged Siskel & Ebert they devoted an entire segment of their show to shaming the film’s producer. Now Silent Night, Deadly Night provides us with a special Yuletide B-Sides. Santa’s watching! You listening?

B-Sides: This Song Came from Uranus

A sci-fi space adventure about a rocket crew journeying to the seventh planet, where they confront a mind-reading alien that forces them to contend with their innermost nightmares; this lounge lizard love song is certainly not the sort of theme song you would expect to kick off such a flick.

B-Sides: The Monster Squad Will Rock Until You Drop

Show a lot of things happening at once. Remind everyone what’s going on. And with every shot you show a little improvement. To show it all would take too long. That’s called a montage. Even The Monster Squad needed a montage. And as we all know, every montage needs a peppy song.

B-Sides: Universal Soldiers Leave Behind a Body Count

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundren first enlisted as Universal Soldiers in 1992. The Roland Emmerich flick even came complete with a theme song that best summed up the two words the violent sci-fi action movie was all about: body count.

Noomi Rapace Goes Topless and Shoots Zombies in New Rolling Stones Video for Doom and Gloom

In honor of their 50th anniversary, The Rolling Stones have released another greatest hits compilation, GRRR!, which includes two new tracks; and the video for one of them, "Doom and Gloom," has hit the Internet featuring a very familiar face.