Exclusive: Eve to Adam Frontman Taki Sassaris Talks Music, Horror, Dexter, and Straitjacket Supermodel

Rock band Eve to Adam caught Dread Central's attention when we learned their song "Straitjacket Supermodel" was inspired by the TV show "Dexter," and we recently had a chance to chat with ETA lead singer Taki Sassaris to get an update on what they've been up to and have planned.

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We may be approaching Season 6 of "True Blood," but even better for music buffs is the fact that Volume 4 of the show's soundtrack is arriving on Tuesday, May 28th, and we have your chance to win a copy right here.

B-Sides: The Moon Beast Tracks a California Lady

This week’s B-Sides is for all of you 1970’s folk rock fans. The song actually isn’t too bad, to be honest, but you’re probably not familiar with it because the film it stems from is one of the all-time worst.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Killer Art Print by Flyleaf Bassist Pat Seals

We're all familiar with the band Flyleaf; however, did you know that the bass player, Pat Seals, is also an incredible wood block artist? And as we always try to bring you the coolest swag, one lucky Dread Central reader will soon own a print of his dark looking piece Green Heart.

B-Sides: My Science Project Requires Tubes

A 1985 sci-fi comedy about a high school gearhead (Christine's John Stockwell) who passes off a crashed UFO engine he found in a junkyard as his science project, triggering an uncontrollable time warp in the school. My Science Project is as Eighties as Eighties gets, even more so its theme song by The Tubes.

B-Sides: Rolling Vengeance Coming Up on You

If you’re going to make a movie about a vigilante seeking Rolling Vengeance against the rednecks that murdered his family and raped his girlfriend by running them over with a custom-built monster truck, you’d better have a hard drinkin’ theme song like “Coming Up on You” to serenade the slaughter.

B-Sides: Eegah! It's Arch Hall, Jr.

It’s not easy being a 1960’s teen idol, especially when you’re trying to sing a romantic song about the girl you love in a low budget b-movie about a rampaging caveman. Arch Hall, Jr., gives it his all crooning a love song about his lady love, Valerie, even though his lady love was actually named Roxy.

B-Sides: Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd Commit Crimes by Busting Rhymes

If hearing Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks rap doesn’t blow your mind, seeing them do so as part of an elaborate song & dance music video for their 1987 spoof Dragnet might be enough to make it explode Scanners-style. This actually happened, folks.

B-Sides: Lair of D'Ampton Worm

This weekend’s B-Sides is without question the peppiest song and dance number ever put to music or film about a monstrous, man-eating worm. If you’ve never seen The Lair of the White Worm, then you’re in for a fun treat because both the song and the British hoedown scene in which it plays are a gas.

B-Sides: Trying to Make Money with a Foosball Film Was the Real Longshot

If you’ve listened to the newest Foycast, then you’ve already heard me discuss in detail the 1981 obscurity Longshot - the world’s only foosball movie. Odds are you’ll never see this film, but in this B-Sides you can experience the magic of its title song and dramatic final shot.

Hear the Dexter-Inspired New Single Straitjacket Supermodel from Eve to Adam

Ever wonder what soundtrack Dexter might hear in his head while hanging out in his kill room? Well, the band Eve to Adam has a new single entitled "Straitjacket Supermodel" that might fit the bill perfectly!

B-Sides: Scary Movies Require Popcorn

Anyone that knows me knows of my unapologetic love for the 1991 horror movie love note to b-movies that is Popcorn. Even its end credits song sings the praises of why we all go to the movies, hoping to be scared by monsters and maniacs, tarantulas and brainiacs…

B-Sides: Norman Bates’ Scream of Love

With A&E’s “Bates Motel” premiering Monday evening, now is a perfect time for Norman Bates to make his one and only B-Sides appearance. What? You didn’t know a Psycho movie spawned a pop song and MTV music video? “Scream of Love” was the Psycho III theme song. Sorry, Norman; can’t blame mother for this one.

B-Sides: Little Witches Make it Rain

A commenter on IMDB describes Little Witches as being like an R-rated version of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” music video but with a horror twist. That’s not entirely inaccurate. Pretty young girls in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms dabble in the dark arts, causing all manner of death, demonic horror, and wanton sluttiness.

B-Sides: Motorhead Raises Hell

Ozzy Osbourne may have originated the song “Hellraiser” on his 1991 No More Tears album, but it is probably more well known for Motorhead’s Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth cover version and subsequent music video in which Lemmy challenges Pinhead to a card game for his mortal soul.