Gaspar Noe

Gaspar Noe Talks Enter the Void

Know what freaks me out? Near death experiences. That whole floating above your body thing, and the tunnel with the light? Friggin' scary prospect, man. Director Gaspar Noe hopes you feel the same way too as his latest film Enter the Void is getting set to terrify audiences everywhere.

First Images From Noe's Enter the Void!

Finally, we have been able to learn something about the new film from Gaspar Noe, l'enfant terrible responsible for Irreversible. The film is called Enter the Void, and recently the folks at Wild Bunch, who are producing it, put up a rather lengthy statement from Noe about it as well as the first images!

Noe Finally Set to Enter the Void?

The German-French Film Funding Commission has granted a nice chunk of change to Irreversible director Gaspar Noe for his long-awaited feature Enter the Void; $700K according to Variety.