World Premiere! DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Case File #6 – “Monsters Among Us”

“Wake up! They’re all about you! All around you!” – They Live

In our previous investigations – including the incredibly bizarre “Alien Ranch” case – we’ve often had only a few scraps of solid evidence to work from, and very little of that in the form of video footage. Not so for today’s eerie installment.

You’ve likely seen hundreds of shaky, blurry YouTube videos depicting everything from alleged Bigfoot sightings to pesky poltergeists and haunted dolls rummaging through people’s basements. But very few of these stand up under close scrutiny – especially if they’re being shot in the dark, where any old shadows, reflections and patches of stray light can look quite spooky in low-resolution footage.

In many of these cases, digital animators have stepped forward to reveal they’ve been testing out their skills by perpetrating some strikingly effective and realistic hoaxes… or maybe they’re just messing with us for the hell of it.

Today’s investigation examines some of these questionable clips… but in this case, we’re focusing on a few particularly effective and often nightmarish uploads (some of them dating back over a decade), allegedly shot in or near heavily-traveled urban locations – often in daylight hours, and sometimes supposedly in plain sight of passers-by, who appear to be oblivious to the inhuman creatures crawling, creeping… or even flying in very close proximity.

Whether they resemble bridge-hanging bat creatures, freaky motorway monsters, hovering humanoids or grumpy cave trolls, all of these images one chilling thing in common: they’ve all apparently been filmed in and around well-populated urban areas… often with the public walking right past them.

Check out the collection of clips in our latest episode (posted above, and today only on this site), and see if you can decipher who – or what – has been exposed by the camera’s probing eye. If you think you know the full story behind any of these viral videos, be sure to let us know (and of course tell us how you know) by emailing us at theunsolved@dreadcentral.com.

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