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Dread X: THE RECKONING’s Neil Marshall Picks His Top 10 Best Non-Horror Kills!

Neil Marshall is a name horror fans know and know well. The man behind incredible films such as The Descent, Dog Soldiers, Tales of Halloween‘s “Bad Seed” segment, Doomsday, and episodes of Constantine, Hannibal, and Game of Thrones, as well as many more, Marshall’s work has touched us all at one point or another.

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While the director’s upcoming adaptation of Hellboy is on the horizon, his sights are clearly set on his next project, The Reckoning. A MoviePass original, the film is a period horror set during the plagues and witch trials in 17th century England. Marshall co-wrote the film with Edward Evers-Swindell and Charlotte Kirk, the latter of whom serves as Executive Producer and stars as the lead alongside Ian Whyte, Bill Fellows, Craig Conway, and Darren Morfitt.

A female-driven story, The Reckoning is set around the witch hunts and the great plague in England in 1665 and follows Evelyn Haverstock, a young widow, haunted by the recent suicide of her husband Joseph, who is falsely accused of being a witch by her jealous Landlord, Squire Pendleton, after she rejects his unwanted advances.”

We cornered Marshall to get him to put together a Dread X and he whipped one up that is precisely the kind of list that bridges horror and non-horror fans. Below, Marshall picked his Top 10 Non-Horror Kills, which include some serious, some funny, and some shocking. But all are damn fine picks that I doubt anyone would argue with!

Give it a read below and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for The Reckoning!

(Tie) Meet Joe Black / Legends of the Fall

Brad Pitt’s death by car and/or grizzly bear are both epic and hilarious in equal measure!

The Beast (of War)

Death by tank. Russian troops lay an Afghan rebel in front of a tank and drive over him from the feet upward.


Death by fire extinguisher. Once seen, never forgotten. Brutal stuff.

(Tie) Rambo / Rambo: First Blood Part II

Death by 50cal machine at close range or death by exploding arrow at long range. Your call.

Hot Fuzz

Death by church spire. For a comedy, this is a wonderfully gruesome demise.

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American History X

Death by curbing. You’ll never forget the sound of teeth grating against concrete, and that crunch.

A History of Violence

Death by .45. Cronenberg knows the impact of brutal reality. No clean shot between the eyes here.

Watership Down

Death by snare. The slow, painful death of a little bunny rabbit is cruel and haunting. And this is a kids movie!


Death by beating, and being buried alive. Although Pesci’s character has it coming, it’s still a rough way to go.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Death by the power of God. Spielberg pushed the boundaries in spectacular fashion with Toht’s hot wax face melt! Beautiful.

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