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DC’s The Devils Muse: Artist Spotlight – Sean Kaen



Death HouseIf you’re a genre fan, you’ve probably already caught wind of the upcoming film Death House, dubbed “The Expendables of Horror” for its laundry list of icons making appearances. And if you’ve heard about Death House, directed by Harrison Smith, then you’ve no doubt seen the incredible poster for the film. There’s a nightmarish, psychedelic element to it that’s genuinely hellish!

The poster art has already made it onto a series of T-shirts and hoodies produced by Terror Threads; it’s a testament to the evocative imagery, not to mention the incredible buzz Death House has generated. I mean, seriously, can you think of another horror movie that’s had a clothing line before the film’s even been released?

The poster art was created by Sean Kaen, an artist I’ve known personally for several years now. Sean donated original artwork for my horror serial, Deeper Than Hell, which ran on Morbidly Beautiful between 2016 and January 2018. It’s my privilege to feature his artwork here as part of Dread Central’s The Devil’s Muse Artist Spotlight series.

Getting Sean to talk about himself is a bit like pulling teeth, but this has to do with his humility, his commitment to his craft, and the joy he gets collaborating with others.

Here’s a bit I was able to torture out of him!
What can I say about myself? I’m an artist that does weird and unusual art which is heavily influenced by my nightmares, night terrors, and things that just pop in my head,” Kaen explains.

As for the poster, he was referred to Smith by iconic Scream Queen and Death House co-producer Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Victor Crowley), who saw his art online and knew his unique style would perfectly evoke the mood of the movie.

Sean’s art has allowed him to amass a loyal following, who he engages with almost daily in “Watch & Tweet” horror movie sessions. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and his Official Website.

Though most of his pieces don’t have names, the first image below is a Dread Central Exclusive Reveal titled “Lost in Silence”. If you are interested in ordering prints or merchandise, follow the link above to Sean’s Official Website.

Death House arrives in limited theaters on February 23rd.




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