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Composer Ben Lovett 'The Night House' 'The Old Ways'
September 5, 2021

The seasoned scoring vet says, "You've got to agree on what the rules of horror are so you know how

THE OLD WAYS Dissecting Horror feature photo 336x224 - Join 'Dissecting Horror' Today at 4 PM PST With Creatives Behind Netflix’s ‘The Old Ways’
September 1, 2021

The director, writer, and stars of the Netflix possession horror feature join us today for a live roundtable chat.

THE OLD WAYS Dissecting Horror feature photo 336x224 - “Dissecting Horror” Continues September 1st with Creatives Behind Netflix's 'The Old Ways'
August 25, 2021

Join us live on September 1st for a new episode of “Dissecting Horror” with the creatives behind the possession horror

The Old Ways banner 336x189 - Be Very Afraid of Our Exclusive Clip from 'The Old Ways', Now on Netflix
August 25, 2021

The possession horror feature arrived on Netflix today and we've got an exclusive clip from the film to share.

The Old Ways banner 336x189 - Intense Supernatural Horror THE OLD WAYS Now Set for Netflix Release in August
July 9, 2021

Fans of possession/exorcism horror movies will want to check out THE OLD WAYS when it arrives on Netflix later this

THE OLD WAYS twitter 336x224 - CFF 2021: 5 Must-See Horror Movies From This Year’s Festival
July 1, 2021

Michelle Swope has 5 must-see horror movies from this year's Chattanooga Film Festival!