Cover art:reviews/stranded-blu-ray-s.jpgStarring Christian Slater, Brendan Fehr, Amy Matysio, Michael Therriault Directed by Roger Christian Distributed by Image Entertainment From the director of Battlefield Earth comes… something worse? As rat-brained as Battlefield Earth is, it does possess some undeniable camp value. There’s almost as much,

Post Thumb:/apr12/strandeds.jpgGallery Image:'/gallery/stranded/strandedb1x', '/gallery/stranded/strandedb2x', '/gallery/stranded/strandedb3x', '/gallery/stranded/strandedb4x', '/gallery/stranded/strandedb5x', '/gallery/stranded/strandedb6x', '/gallery/stranded/strandedb7x', '/gallery/stranded/strandedb8x'Image Entertainment has set a July 26 theatrical release date for Stranded, the new film from Roger Christian, which stars Christian Slater and his miraculously returning hairline; and we have a

Post Thumb:/apr12/strandeds.jpgGallery Image:'/gallery/stranded/stranded1x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded2x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded3x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded4x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded5x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded6x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded7x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded8x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded9x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded10x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded11x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded12x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded13x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded14x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded15x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded16x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded17x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded18x', '/gallery/stranded/stranded19x'It's pretty busy for a Sunday, no? Toy Fair, EFM, "The Walking Dead" returning

Post Thumb:/apr12/strandeds.jpgWord has come that the spaced out terror tale Stranded, starring Christian Slater and his hair plugs, has begun filming in the Canada Saskatchewan Production Studio in Regina, SK. There. Now you're all updated. Battlefield: Earth director Roger Christian

Post Thumb:/apr12/strandeds.jpgBattlefield: Earth director Roger Christian has hit Cannes with his sci-fi thriller Stranded, starring the just announced Christian Slater. Principal photography is set to start on July 3, 2012, at the Canada/Saskatchewan sound stage located in Saskatchewan, Canada. "[It's] quite

Source Name:ShadowLockedSource Url:http://www.shadowlocked.com/201203212466/opinion-features/roger-christian-talks-zombies-prometheus-battlefield-earth.htmlPost Thumb:/apr12/strandeds.jpgIt's been a long, long time since last we heard anything from Battlefield: Earth director Roger Christian (who's now in post on 13 Eerie), but he's back with a new project in orbit. Read on! ShadowLocked recently caught

Source Name:Bloody DisgustingSource Url:http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/26607Post Thumb:/stock/zombie.jpgHaving made it through Shark Night, star Dustin Mulligan just may have another menace heading his way. One that also features cold dead eyes. And cold dead hands. And cold dead teeth. And cold dead