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Jenna Kanell
July 12, 2021

Jenna Kanell is set to write and star in a new meta-horror film about a scream queen held hostage by

Killer Babes and the Frightening Film Fiasco Banner 336x189 - Exclusive Pics from Star-Studded Linnea Quigley Flick KILLER BABES AND THE FRIGHTENING FILM FIASCO
December 3, 2019

The cast for the upcoming horror flick Killer Babes and the Frightening Film Fiasco is loaded with past, present, and

Terrifier high res featured.001 336x176 - Art the Clown Actor Provides Voicework for Animated Hulu Children's Series THE BRAVEST KNIGHT
May 29, 2019

In Terrifier, David Howard Thornton’s Art the Clown delivers enough extreme depravity to make a sadist squeal–all without uttering a

TERRIFIER 04 Art the Clown Bloody s  336x176 - TERRIFIER 2 Will Be Ten Times Bigger Than Part 1!
May 28, 2019

Three days ago, we told you all to be on the lookout for a major announcement regarding the follow-up to

TERRIFIER 05 Art the Clowns 336x176 - Big TERRIFIER 2 Announcement This Upcoming Week!
May 25, 2019

Terrifier was one of the earliest successes of Dread Presents, the horror distribution arm of our parent company Epic Pictures.

Art the Clown Mortal Kombat Banner 336x176 - YouTuber Turns TERRIFIER’s Art the Clown into MORTAL KOMBAT Character
March 11, 2019

Those who have experienced the shocking horror throwback Terrifier (released by Dread and Epic Pictures, our parent company) will never

TERRIFIER 03 Art the Clowns  336x176 - Dread Central Presents: Terrifier - Green Band Trailer and Official Stills Gallery
March 7, 2018

Art the Clown is coming, kids, and believe me when I tell you there’s NOTHING that can prepare you mentally

October 27, 2017

In honor of the UK premiere of Damien Leone’s new instant “slasher” cult classic, we’ve got a new one-sheet poster