‘Terrifier’ Interview: Jenna Kanell and Catherine Corcoran Take On The Killer Clown [Exclusive]


Editor’s note: this interview was conducted prior to the current SAG-AFTRA strike.

If you know anything about Terrifier, it’s about that scene where a naked young woman is tied upside down and sawed in half. That woman is Catherine Corcoran, one of the stars of the original film, alongside Jenna Kanell, who plays her best friend who watches the carnage. When they signed on to this film, Corcoran and Kanell had no idea the legacy they would leave on the horror genre as a whole.

Dread Central spoke with Kanell and Corcoran about their experiences on the Terrifier set and how being a part of the franchise has changed their lives. We dive into the reality of what it was like working on the film and the risks they took for what is now regarded as an iconic moment in horror. They also share how their friendship developed on set and continues to this day.

Watch the full interview:

Terrifier comes to theaters on July 19, 2023. Get your tickets here.



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