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Return of the Living Dead III
October 17, 2023
Thanks to Brian Yuzna’s direction, ‘Return of The Living Dead III’ is a zombie film with a lot of heart. Read more from Drew Tinnin.
August 4, 2021
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD reimagined in animation is coming to Digital September 21!
July 7, 2021
Goosebumps Movie by George Romero Has Risen From The Grave in details released by the University of Pittsburg Horror Studies branch.
July 2, 2021
%%title%% A star-studded voice cast has been added for this animated re-imagining of George Romero’s Classic
January 17, 2021
For an unprecedented dive into the genre filmmaking process, look for the documentary Clapboard Jungle on VOD in the US […]
October 12, 2020
“Old Magic, Old Ways, the Old Ones themselves often seem powerless in a new place.” – Anne Cameron Dia duit, […]
October 2, 2018
“To me, the most offensive thing about [The Seduction of the Innocent] was that Frederick Wertham presumed that everybody who read […]
July 25, 2017
Welcome back, everyone. First: the discrepancies. Slither is scheduled on Amazon to be released on August 1st, but on both […]
July 22, 2017
The Frontières Market is taking place at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival right now, and we were onsite to catch up […]
June 27, 2017
Coming to bookstores on July 11th is Nights of the Living Dead, an anthology book that features short stories set […]
May 3, 2017
If you’re a fan of the Stephen King/George Romero collaboration Creepshow and also enjoy graphic novels, this story’s for you! […]
March 1, 2017
Dave Alexander, former Editor-in-Chief of Rue Morgue, and a crew of merry misfits have just launched the multi-media brand Untold […]