Cover art:reviews/blackstatic40.jpgEdited by Andy Cox Published by TTA Press Issue 40 of Black Static sees most of its fiction take the form of short, sharp shocks in anticipation of the main centrepiece – Paul Meloy’s imaginatively expansive ‘Reclamation Yard’. Before that,

Cover art:reviews/blackstatic39.jpgEdited by Andy Cox Published by TTA Press The fiction offerings of Black Static’s thirty-ninth issue kick off on an exceedingly bizarre note with Ralph Robert Moore’s inventive ‘Kebab Bob’, which carries the bar-bound experiences of the eponymous character – nicknamed

Cover art:reviews2/blackstatic35.jpgFiction from Daniel Mills, Steven J. Dines, Steve Rasnic Tem, Michael Griffin, Caspian Gray, Jason Gould, Carole Johnstone Columns from Lynda E. Rucker and Stephen Volk Art by Richard Wagner (cover & interior), Richard Sampson, Vincent Sammy, Dave Senecal, Geoffrey Grisso Edited

Cover art:reviews2/blackstatic33.jpgEdited by Andy Cox Published by TTA Press Regular columnist and author Stephen Volk opens Issue 33 of Black Static with an affectionate, and very personal, celebration of the late Peter Cushing -- paving the way for the Spectral Press release

Cover art:reviews/bstats.jpgEdited by Andy Cox Published by TTA Press Continuing to assert its reign as the most essential regular publication for fans of literary horror, TTA Press's Black Static magazine delivers another predominantly excellent selection of spine-tingling stories with Issue 32. Before