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March 10, 2021
Join us at 6 PM (PST) for the next installment of our free virtal panel series “Dissecting Horror” with the creatives behind DREAMCATCHER!
March 5, 2021
%%title%% The kills aren’t inspired but the ending is.
March 4, 2021
Check out our exclusive interview with DREAMCATCHER composer Alexander Taylor!
March 3, 2021
Join us for another installment of our virtual panel series “Dissecting Horror” next Wednesday, Match 10th with the creatives of DREAMCATCHER!
October 21, 2020
Hunter’s Moon was released by Lionsgate in March of 2020. If you missed it, give the trailer and synopsis a […]
August 10, 2020
The Rule Of Three is an upcoming horror short film directed, written, and produced by horror filmmaker Elwood Quincy Walker, […]