Penny Dreadful Picture Show, The (DVD)

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penny dreadful s - Penny Dreadful Picture Show, The (DVD)Starring Eliza Swenson, Jeffrey Combs, Sid Haig, Al Snow, Sam Soule

Directed by Nick Everhart, Eliza Swenson, Leigh Scott

Daffy undead gal Penny Dreadful, her smitten zombie buddy Ned, and lycanthrope Wolfboy relate three tales of terror in an old rundown movie theater: A young couple find themselves being stalked by a lethal jack-in-the-box in “Slash-in-the-Box”; mousy young lady Alice tries to figure out what exactly happened to her last night in “The Morning After”; and a group of friends encounter an eccentric backwoods family after their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere in “The Slaughter House.”

Horror anthology films have been making a comeback, and The Penny Dreadful Picture Show proves to be a worthy addition. Assuming you can track down a copy, that is. This enjoyable trio of twisted tales (with a fourth included as a DVD extra) received a somewhat limited DVD release just before Halloween under the needlessly shortened title Penny Dreadful. You may have seen it on shelves at Walmart, Family Video, and a few other outlets.

Instead of the usual review I plugged in my microphone, forgot to modify the mic sensitivity level, and recorded myself rambling on about a movie I watched over a month ago. To say I’m tardy on this one is an understatement. No script. No notes. No professionalism. Just 9 minutes of me babbling about a fun little movie you might want to seek out when it gets a wider release.

Listen to The Penny Dreadful Picture Show audio review here.

mobF - Penny Dreadful Picture Show, The (DVD)mobF - Penny Dreadful Picture Show, The (DVD)mobF - Penny Dreadful Picture Show, The (DVD)

3 out of 5

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mobF - Penny Dreadful Picture Show, The (DVD)mobF - Penny Dreadful Picture Show, The (DVD)mobF - Penny Dreadful Picture Show, The (DVD)

3 out of 5

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  • Chernobyl Kinsman
    November 19, 2013

    Well, for whatever it’s worth, I have enjoyed the audio reviews a lot – but thats not to say I don’t also enjoy the written stuff either. You have turned me on to some great stuff via reviews and foycasts/Dffs Mr Foy and I thank you.

    Had an internet group screening of both Air Collison and Turbulence: Heavy Metal thanks to you, went down a treat! Recently watched Gymkata which I’m sure your familiar with, it was.. interesting.

  • PelusaMG
    November 17, 2013

    It’s not weird when one man professes love for another man’s well 😉

  • frank_dracman
    November 16, 2013

    What the hell Foy? Your last 3 reviews are mini-podcasts? Dude, seriously. Your (written) reviews are some of the most entertaining reads not only on Dread, but my entire bookmark list. I hope you’re not thinking about doing this permanently. The written word is slowly fading into obscurity with video reviews and podcasts clogging up teh internet. Give us your writings. Give us your muses. Let us drink deeply from your well.

    Holy shit that got weird. I think I made my point.

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