Return to Castlerama (Video Game)

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returnt castlerama s - Return to Castlerama (Video Game)Developed & Published by Codenrama

Rated M for Mature

Available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod 5th generation, iPad2 (reviewed)

Return to Castlerama, the latest title from Codenrama, has players taking on the role as David, a young man who is trying to save his village Castlerama and the area that surrounds it called Gorendal Valley. A dark curse is plaguing the inhabitants which was placed on them by the evil Artaserses. Players are tasked with exploring the atmospheric game packed full of adventure and the supernatural. Expect to encounter zombies, dragons, and other eerily terrifying creatures as you take in the gorgeous scenery and collect tarot cards in your quest to end the dark plague.

Return to Castlerama utilizes the cutting edge technology of the Unreal Engine and offers a completely explorable 3D world. David, once only the son of an herbalist, discovers his noble identity and his true destiny that lies ahead. Players are tasked with discovering the world before them while obtaining important items and information for the challenging task. Intriguing narrative elements are combined with immersive gameplay to deliver an overall rewarding experience like no other for iOS devices.

The clever use of marvelously designed tarot cards scattered across the game world provides clues to solve the eerily mysterious plot. There are around 73 tarot cards designed for the game, which were illustrated by the legendary artist Donna Dagmar. There is much to see and learn in the game’s profound system of tunnels, caves, and underground rivers. Players could spend countless hours just taking in all the skillfully designed sites in the game from the Eumenititan Mountains to the Mudwood Forest. The intricate detail of the world around you almost feels like something straight out of a 3D painting.

Return to Castlerama centers around the conflict between two clans: the Methonasts and the Volpedos. On top of this, we have a powerful necromancer called ArtaSerses XI who wants to destroy everything and everyone. The story is extremely complex and has plenty of riddles, puzzles, and card games to keep the game fresh. Players will be tasked with collecting 2D art collectibles while they test their strength against all the world has to offer. 

The FPS combines everything from action-packed combat to fantasy elements for a generally impressive gameplay experience. The medieval story unfolds alongside beautiful graphics, an amazing soundtrack, and deep, immersive gameplay. Return to Castlerama is something you would expect to find on consoles or PC with all its attention to detail and one hell of an ingeniously written storyline.

Return to Castlerama is now available for iOS devices for the low price of $4.99 and is well worth every penny. To learn more, visit the official Return to Castlerama website.

Game Features

  • Single Player
  • Free Roaming, Acton Adventure for iOS Devices
  • Power of Epic Games Unreal Technology
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Unfolding, Epic Story

    mobF - Return to Castlerama (Video Game)mobF - Return to Castlerama (Video Game)mobF - Return to Castlerama (Video Game)mobH - Return to Castlerama (Video Game)

    3 1/2 out of 5

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  • Written by Amanda Dyar

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