This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy Review – With A Title This Long, It’s Gotta Be Good, Right?

PapierMacheBoulder 1 750x422 - This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy Review - With A Title This Long, It's Gotta Be Good, Right?

PapierMacheBoulder 204x300 - This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy Review - With A Title This Long, It's Gotta Be Good, Right?Starring Christian Nicolson, Sez Niederer, Daniel Pujol

Directed by Christian Nicolson

If you’ve ever sat back while immersing yourself in a film, and wondered if you could picture yourself in that particular movie, then look no further than the title of the movie listed above…my lord is it time-consuming to throw down in type.

Jumping in the directorial chair for the first time, Christian Nicolson gives his audience the opportunity to see how all of those ultra-cheesy FX sights are tossed into a sci-fi film – the spoof is on us all, and it’s at times fairly entertaining to eyeball. The film tails science-fiction fanatic Jeffrey (Pujol) and his plan to drag along his two pals (Nicolson and Lewis Roscoe) to the next big convention rolling into town, and at firs there’s some general apprehension, but the two eventually warm up to the idea and head off to the show. Along the way, an ultra-cheesed out 50’s alien flick is advertised on the marquee of a nearby theater, and for Jeffrey, the opportunity is simply too ripe to pass up for the picking, even if his pals don’t mirror his enthusiasm. As the movie rolls, an odd occurrence befalls all three: they’re somehow sucked into the presentation and they now find themselves among some seriously otherworldly characters and phenomena.

This is where the film at times succeeds and unfortunately lacks in more than a few spots – for instance, the emphasis is placed on just how low-budgeted the production is, but with the extremely neophyte acting, it at times becomes a chore to sit through some scenes, regardless of the implied humor. Another downfall is the painfully-long runtime (nearing the 2-hour mark) – completely unnecessary in order to achieve what this film had hoped to do, and if you have the propensity to nod off during drawn-out stretches of a movie, then you’d better stock up on the Red Bull here. What does work is the film’s ability to poke a colossal amount of fun at itself and gives the audience a chance to employ their know-how of the genre with numerous referrals to some of the blockbusters that have paved the way in times past. The movie does grind to a halt in the latter stages, and what fans might have been amused by in the earlier legs might be doing some serious clockwatching as a result of in the rearmost parts.

Overall, This Giant Papier-Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy will be one of those particular watches that vigorously staunch fans of all things little, green and alien-iffic will devour from beginning to end, but more leisurely viewers might find themselves ready to be beamed the hell out after an hour or so.

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Relying heavily on the bargain basement bells and whistles needed to make an inferior production look exactly like that, this boulder will eventually weigh us all down with its cumbrous pacing and novice acting.

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