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InvasionOnChestnutRidges - Invasion On Chestnut Ridge (2017)


Invasion On Chestnut Ridge (2017)

InvasionOnChestnutRidge 201x300 - Invasion On Chestnut Ridge (2017)Starring Dwayne Pintoff, Stan Gordon, Mark Matzke

Directed by Seth Breedlove

Following up his previous film, The Mothman Of Point Pleasant, director Seth Breedlove attempts to delve into the Pennsylvania region known as Chestnut Ridge and its supposed UFO incidents many years ago. Shot documentary-style with numerous interviews and first-hand accounts of these purported “invasions” by otherworldly beings, the film rockets off (get it) with a reported sighting back in 1965, which led to a cleanup mission of sorts by the government and those men in black…no, not THOSE ones. Apparently, years had passed before another incident was recorded, however the landscape and mental worry of the residents never seemed to wane over the course of time. The range of “sightings” if you will has ranged from those cute little green men, to that big ol’ hairy Sasquatch, to upright walking dog-men and gaping portals that have sucked in hundreds of followers…time to test the drinking water, if you ask me.

With a runtime of about 60 minutes, Invasion On Chestnut Ridge will more than surely appeal to those aficionados of alien life-form conspiracy theories, and with a robust allotment of interviews and dramatizations alike the potential to spawn a whole new collective of UFO-hunters is alive and well. Make sure to keep your eyes to the skies as well as your screens – this is one documentary that really needs to be checked out.

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