BlindDates - Blind Date (Short, 2017)

Blind Date (Short, 2017)

BlindDate 229x300 - Blind Date (Short, 2017)Starring Pete Haase, Ruth Phelps, Treyn Frazier Kellish

Directed by Shane Grant

As if the dating game hasn’t become convoluted enough in the past few years, what with all of the latest apps, speed interviews with aspiring sweethearts …and let’s not forget about the vision-impaired folks who claim to see right through your being! Shane Grant (Sleep Eaters) takes on the dicey game of choice encounter in his latest short film, Blind Date – and at the risk of sounding like too much of an introvert, THIS is the kind of stuff that’ll make you want to lock your butt in your house and forget about meeting that special someone.

Matthew (Haase) is a regular guy who’s recently been set up for a first-time introduction to the fire-haired Claire (Phelps), and their maiden assignation is…how do I say this delicately? Awkward would be a vast understatement, but that’s as far of a distance as I’m willing to travel. You see, Claire cannot see (see what I did there) – now don’t go calling me an insensitive bastard, as I’m not harping on her disability, as it is FAR from a handicap for this woman. Her insights and senses are off the charts, and she claims to know much more about Matthew than even he knows at one point. Their night out takes quite the interesting route, and I’ll surmise that this quickie could very well be the best PSA for staying a social hermit – JEEZ.

Grant’s direction leans towards the demented side of the scale, and that’s fine with me, and this presentation is no exception, either. Performances from his actors weigh heavy on the apprehensive, which is the intently correct way to envision two strangers going out for the first time – well done all around to both Haase and Phelps, as their portrayals give a sense of realism to their display. Overall, this Blind Date is one that any potential suitor should give a long look to…even if it means calling off a rendezvous with a stranger in order to accommodate.

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