Halls of Horror 2016 Review

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Halls of Horror, may very well be the most extreme, scariest haunted attraction in the country that you likely have never discovered before. The lack of attention this attraction receives from mainstream media outlets promoting “extreme” haunts is a shame, as this haunt is physically exhausting and psychologically disturbing. The passionate management, staff members, actors and volunteers have created by far the most innovative, extreme (yet safe), haunted attractions quite possibly in the country. So many so-called extreme haunts pop up on various web pages, review sites and paid for advertisements none of which possibly ever live up to their advertised hype. We have visited many of the so called “extreme” events and nothing compares to the level of twisted creativity, pure aggression and psychological torment doled out by the house of torment known as the Halls of Horror. Every single season this attraction continues to deliver in creating a truly adult, mature themed attraction that creates an immersive horror experience coupled with a traditional haunted attraction. This is not an attraction for those who are easily offended and unable to let down their guard and become direct participants in a horrific show that is mentally and physically exhausting. Halls of Horror creates genuine fear, placing its victims in uncomfortable situations, using aggressive scare tactics and psychological triggers to create an unforgettable experience. There is an insane purpose to each scare, physicality is used to create fear a sense of helplessness that continuously augments and enhances fear.

14434915 696935827149932 1867823102385697431 o 225x300 - Halls of Horror 2016 ReviewHalls of Horror, is almost indescribable in its ability to generate real “fear”, yet never crosses the line between an “extreme” haunt and all-out assault. “Extreme” haunts seem to be using violence and torture to garner their reputations yet these experiences are not exactly entertaining. Halls of Horror is the perfect balance between “extreme” and “traditional/classic” haunted attractions as while physical, they are extremely professional in how they operate their attraction. Limits are pushed even further this year and Halls of Horror prides itself on scaring guests to the point of submission. At times it’s hard to differentiate between reality and the show itself, as the attraction has mastered the art of cultivating a sense of vulnerability as a scare tool. Guests are at the mercy of each demented actor, and there is no doubt that this is an aggressive, mature attraction. Halls of Horror, while physical, also features dark humor, off-color set designs and characters that do not cater to those who are not willing to let go of their inhibitions. For those who will enjoy the experience, the Halls of Horror brings fear to a new level, creating an experience that will forever be ingrained in their minds. This is a truly special haunted attraction for adults and one of our all-time favorite visits each season.

This attraction is clearly advertised for mature haunt fans, is no place for children and is a psychological and physically demanding haunted attraction. There is not a haunted attraction on the East Coast which successfully has coupled aspects of the “extreme” haunt scene with a more “classical” haunted attraction like Halls of Horror, and any haunt fan or fan of Halloween in general would do themselves a disservice if they do not visit this amazing attraction every single year. Halls of Horror offers two experiences, the less interactive regular attraction or the highly interactive and at ominous “Blood Experience”. We once again partook in the hardcore “Blood Experience” and once again in complete shock at the depraved horrors found throughout this immersive horror journey.

The dark dungeon of the Halls of Horror, is filled with mature horrors at every turn and is a must visit this year. This is by far the most psychologically and physically exhausting haunted attraction ever visited and continues to evolve every year, moving in a direction that features nonstop violence, twisted interactions with scare actors, sexual themes and uncomfortable situations all designed to create mental scars. This attraction is not to be taken lightly and is not a joke. As soon as we arrived, we witnessed a group “quit” the regular attraction, visibly shaking and terrified. A few moments later another group entered the “Blood Experience” and could not make it past the first room. The creative team thrives on this creative use of adult themes to generate legitimate fear and uses sick, twisted ideas to scare and always entertain. If you choose the “Blood Experience”, you must accept you are now at the mercy of the Halls of Horror. This attraction is an all-out physical, and psychological assault. We felt as if we were fighting for our survival, left soaked in “blood” and subjected to acts of simulated torture that have once again left a lasting impact on our psyche


14425458 700638233446358 2195208398439754474 o 225x300 - Halls of Horror 2016 ReviewThis review will cover the Halls of Horror’s “Blood Experience”, which is the more interactive/hardcore option offered by the attraction once again for the 2016 season. You quickly understand that this attraction is designed for fear as they radioed the actors to quote “f*ck us up good” prior to our descent into the dungeon atmosphere of the attraction. The prelude to torture features a musty, foggy, damp room with a twisted young scare actor pointing a “gun” at us in a rather unsettling manner. The disturbing scare acting displayed by this character left goosebumps as we moved along the journey. Throughout each scene, insanity and violence coupled with mature themes augments a constant sense of expecting the worse. Actors hidden throughout the darkness bring a level of unparalleled aggression in creating personal interactive experiences. We were grabbed viciously from virtually all directions, constantly taunted, slammed/thrown/pinned against walls and forced to play twisted games with the insane freaks and monsters that inhabit this attraction. The detailed set designs are straight out of an R-rated horror movie and serve as a backdrop that allows the actors to perform unforgettable acts of extreme scare acting. Halls of Horror relies not only on the physical nature of extreme haunts, but also uses sound effects, lighting and claustrophobic set designs to cultivate a terrifying environment. Scare actors violently smash loud chains, pop out of the darkness, and a booming metal-rock soundtrack helps create an atmosphere of constant paranoia. It is almost impossible to escape each insane scare actor as they will relentlessly stalk and hunt down guests until they achieve the intended result of garnering a reaction. Halls of Horror does not care if you are traveling in a group, they will separate, and subject each guest to blood soaked interactions that change depending on the makeup of each group.

The insane actors who never let up on the guests make the experience memorable. It is hard to forget the mental imagery of a disturbed pregnant woman “ejecting” her fetus into a pile of empty pills and beer cans, and a twisted clown who had us play a “game” in a dark ball-pit scene. The interactive scenarios presented by Halls of Horror are not for those who are easily or unable cannot complete an aggressive haunted attraction. As mentioned previously you will either have to let go of any inhibitions and “submit” to the attractions experience, or quit. During our visit we were force fed “feces” from an insane mental patient, had to play a game of “Milk the Pig” (which could best be described as grabbing the nipples of a large pig faced butcher with a feminine voice), had a clown paint us in blood with an “ice cream cone”, slap the backside of hanging body bags and were chocked by a butcher’s entrails. These obscure, twisted scenes of violence are unlike any other in a haunted attraction. These scenarios are just a sampling of what to expect in this year’s even darker, more violent yet always entertaining show.14424718 696947217148793 1807257980777653639 o 300x169 - Halls of Horror 2016 Review

Halls of Horror is a dungeon of unadulterated horror, the disturbing imagery, sensory deprivation, and use of “blood” coupled with the insanity of each talented actor will always be imprinted in each of our mind. The intricate details of each set design are the perfect set piece for dark, mature interactions with the scare actors, as the attraction uses tight spaces, effective lighting and gruesome violent imagery to create fear. There is absolutely no downtime, or weak areas of this attraction as each corridor is filled with non-stop action and unrivaled aggression. Character design of each scare-actor is of the highest quality, an each set effectively builds upon fear throughout the attraction. While we always wish the attraction was longer (it has been expanded this year), we were still physically and mentally spent as we escaped a final encounter with a knife yielding maniac, after a depraved hillbilly “birth” scene. Halls of Horror is non-stop horror entertainment and a horror movie come to life and continues to display its passion for creating an entertaining, safe yet extreme experience that innovates in bringing full immersion into a traditional haunted house design.

The Final Word:

Respect the Halls of Horror and you will experience a once in a lifetime horror experience unlike any other haunted attraction. Allowing yourself to take part in the “Blood Experience” is allowing yourself to engage in a horror movie come-to-life, featuring nonstop action, aggression and torment. This is a mature, adult themed attraction geared at haunt fans that want more from their run of the mill attractions.  Halls of Horror is a perfect mix of extreme and classic haunts, creating a show that is terrifying, humorous and always engaging. This is one of the most memorable haunted attractions ever visited by our review team and must see this 2016 haunt season. There is literally no attraction that comes close to the organized chaos created by this innovative attraction and we hope to continue to see them grow and prosper.


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Written by Joe Rovinsky


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