Spirit Board, The (Short, 2016)


TheSpiritBoard - Spirit Board, The (Short, 2016)Starring Ilaria Lamberti

Directed by Andrea Ricca

Ah, the perils of screwing around with one of those damned Ouija boards – if the possession of innocent souls, incantations of malevolent spirits, or for the most part, the fact that you can’t get the damned thing to reach a dearly departed soul aren’t enough for you, it seems like these seance films are shooting out down the pipe rapid-fire these days.

So grab a cushion, and park your butts at the table because we’re going to drum up some souls with The Spirit Board… well, at least we’re going to watch it happen.

The gorgeous Ilaria Lamberti plays a woman who, at the height of boredom, one dark night decides it’ll pass the time to see which spirits she can call upon by utilizing her little board and planchette – BIG problem. Soon after her ceremony starts, she is visited (and tormented) by an evil presence from the beyond.

Director Andrea Ricca opts for NO dialogue and some pretty inventive 3D rendering to display his vile, summoned spectre. It’s not the most terribly entertaining short I’ve laid eyes upon recently, but it’s passable for those wanting a simple ghost story to go numb to. Worth a one-timer if anything.

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