Sleep Eater (Short, 2016)


SleepEater 194x300 - Sleep Eater (Short, 2016)Starring Bill Cassinelli, Jason Tripp, Tim Ryan

Directed by Shane Grant

Each one of us has a bit of an idiosyncrasy when getting some serious REM sleep – be it talking, moaning, sleep-walking, or even sleep-driving (had a family member that did that). But I think the one that fascinates me most are those who, while in a sound sleep, can scarf down craploads of food in the fridge or pantry with no recollection of doing so the next morning. When offered the opportunity of checking out Cemetery Theater’s Sleep Eater, directed by Shane Grant…let’s just say I hopped out of bed to give it a peek.

This 30-minute short follows Quinn (Cassinelli), a man whose appetite just got a lot more insatiable after a run-in with a homeless man who coughs a little crimson on his burger – nasty, ain’t it? Quinn’s nighttime exploits take him from serious sleep deprivation to a full belly and bloodstained face and clothes in the morning – is he experiencing slumber-induced binging, or are these nightmares of scattered body parts simply a reflection of a man who is afraid to close his eyes for even a moment? Filmed on a scant $100 budget, the half-hour film is heavy on the gore, and even heavier on the tongue-in-cheek acting, with Cassinelli leading the pack as the tormented piehole stuffer. It’s goofy, it’s graphic, and the scene of a dream-like dinner party with people pleasuring themselves over bloody spaghetti is one that won’t soon be forgotten…needless to say I’ll be swearing off Italian restaurants for a bit.

Sleep Eater is definitely worth a watch, if for nothing more than to watch a director’s work on a dusty-wallet budget – it’s fun, and it’ll make you want to put a lock on your fridge during the midnight hours.

  • FIlm
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