Unattractive Vampire, An (Book)


unattractive vampire 200x300 - Unattractive Vampire, An (Book)Written by Jim McDoniel

Published by Inkshares, Inc.

Imagine yourself as one of the most powerful vampires three centuries ago, waking up 300 years later in the future.  Now imagine finding out what vampires have been reduced to.  No longer like the old days, Yulric Bile, who is one ugly son of a bitch, is no longer respected or even recognized as a vampire because the only vampires that exist now are not only pretty and have a TV show, but they are no longer strong. Worst of all, they are good and sensitive.  Oh the horror!

Determined to get his respect back and reestablish his reign, Yulric sets out to find out who the person is that is responsible for this disgusting turn of events.  With the help of his sidekicks, a beautiful buxom blond with a “don’t mess with me” attitude and her little brother, Simon, their journey to find out who is behind this ridiculous change of vampire events becomes one of the most comical and entertaining books I’ve ever read.

I really loved this story as it is a totally different take on your usual vampire stories. You have Yulric, who is what I would call one of the most pretentious vampires I’ve ever come upon in books, TV, and movies; yet, you feel sorry for him and end up liking and rooting for him throughout the entire book.  The situations that he gets himself into and the moods this guy has are just so hilarious that you would almost think he is human.  I caught myself laughing out loud and giggling under my breath a lot while reading An Unattractive Vampire and must say that I think this story could be enjoyed by all sorts of different types of souls.

From beginning to end, Yulric keeps it real and never misses a beat.  I am totally Team Yulric and wouldn’t be surprised if someone eventually makes a movie about this book.  Yes, it’s that entertaining.

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User Rating 3.5 (8 votes)


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